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Your website is meant to be available quickly all the time, we can do this by placing your website on special computers, called servers. This servers are placed in a highly secured facility with multiple high-speed fiber optical connections. To summary, webhosting is getting your site online up on to the internet.

Your website will be placed on one of our high-speed Intel Pentium 4 based server systems, that are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We chose Amsterdam because of it's central place in Europe and the whole world. This way your website is available 24/7 fast from all continents.

We also offer the possiblility to register a domainname for you (eg. yourdomain.nl). You can find more information on this subject here.

All of our packages support modern standards like PHP, CGI and MySQL. We do also give you the option to use our controlpanel, cPanel / WHM. This controlpanel offers you total control over your webhosting or reseller plan. This controlpanel is suitable for everyone, ranging from new internet users to internet professionals. If you want to know more about cPanel, just have a look here.


E-Dentify Internet Services provides high-quality webhosting solutions against revolutionary low-pricing. This combination makes us an unbeatable webhosting-partner.

This combined with a excellent support department, that's available both through telephone and e-mail/esupport system.

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